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Tennis has long been one of the most popular sports for children and adults. Understandably, tennis training facilities and those with home courts are always looking for ways to up their game. While there is a lot coaching and intense practice can do, central to performance is the quality of the court.

Whether you are ready to construct a brand-new court or want to repair the one you have, Talbot Tennis is the tennis court contractor in South Carolina and Georgia you should turn to.

With decades of industry experience, we understand the nuances of tennis court construction, installation, and resurfacing, working with all types of court surfaces to ensure you get the gameplay you desire. We work directly with you, planning and designing the court that matches your dreams and fits within your budget. From textures to colors to logos, our tennis court contractors pull it all together into the ideal court for you.

If you play tennis in Georgia or South Carolina, there’s a good chance you’ve already enjoyed our quality workmanship. Now, it’s time to call one of our top-notch tennis courts your own. Partner with our reliable, trustworthy, professional tennis court contractors in South Carolina and make your facility the best it can be.

Tennis Court Contractors in South Carolina
About Us

About Talbot Tennis

Talbot Tennis has been one of "the South's" leading tennis court construction and maintenance companies since we built our first courts in 1976. Talbot Tennis has proven expertise in providing our clients innovative solutions for tennis court construction, reconstruction,

Resurfacing, lighting, fencing, and court accessory needs in Georgia & South Carolina. We offer our clients turnkey solutions, from grading your site to providing you with a complete line of accessories for your newly built court. Our services include tennis court design and maintenance consultations, grading, paving, fencing, surfacing, accessories, retaining walls, athletic courts and equipment, basketball, goals, and lighting.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis Court Resurfacing

We are one of the South’s leading tennis court resurfacing companies, allowing you to keep the foundation of your current court while making it easier and safer to play on. We can alter the color,texture, and design of your court to meet your needs. When we’re done, you’ll have the perfect professional playing field.

Tennis Court Construction

Tennis Court Construction

When you choose Talbot Tennis as your tennis court builder, we walk you through the design process, ensuring we understand your vision; then, we make it a reality. From unique designs to professional-level courts, we do it all. When we’re finished, you have a turnkey court that is ready for play.

Pickleball Court Contractor

Pickleball Court Contractor

Not every tennis court contractor is ready to make pickleball courts, but at Talbot Tennis, we are experts. One of the fastest-growing sports in the country, pickleball courts are in high demand. We design and install courts in a variety of materials and designs, customizing our colors, textures, and logos to fit your goals.

Best Product

Tennis Court Equipment & Products 

Georgia’s Leader in Tennis Court Construction

Courtside Poly-Bench

This bench can be bolted to any hard surface for permanent installation. Available in white or green, it’s 5 feet in length, easy to assemble, and constructed from extruded high-density polypropylene and PVC. The courtside bench is the most durable, attractive, and maintenance-free bench available.

Courtside Poly-Bench
Deluxe Courtside Poly-Bench

Deluxe Courtside Poly-Bench

The deluxe courtside poly-bench is constructed of the same materials as the courtside poly-bench, but more slats have been added. This gives the deluxe model a more contoured and sturdy design. It’s available in white or green and is 5 feet in length.

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Tennis Court Construction FAQs

How long tennis court construction takes will vary based on how many courts you need, the type of court surface you want, and how much preparation is needed to get the area where the court will be constructed ready. In most cases, having a new tennis court built will take at least two months since there is groundwork that comes first and needs time to cure before the court surface can be completed.

There are differences in the thickness of the concrete slabs for tennis courts based on everything from the court surface material to how much foot traffic it will see. In general, they will be somewhere around 5 inches thick, though some may be a bit more and some a bit less.

A well-constructed tennis court surface should last somewhere between 4 and 8 years before it needs to be resurfaced. Keep in mind that softer surfaces typically have a shorter lifespan, and heavy foot traffic can wear any surface down faster.

No, tennis courts should never be pressure washed. There are special detergents to use on court surfaces that help to get out ground-in dirt and brighten the appearance of the court. You can use a standard garden hose, but high-pressure hoses will damage the surface.


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