5 Best Rebound Nets For Tennis Solo Practice

Pro tennis players average four hours a day on the court. You may not be a pro player but your respect and love for tennis will bring you to the court several times a week. If you’re playing on your home court, you may be hard-pressed to find a partner. This is where tennis rebound nets come in handy.

Why Use Tennis Rebound Nets?

Tennis rebound nets are excellent for practicing tennis alone. Not only do they bounce back the ball to mimic a game but they also allow you to play at your own pace.

Training specific skill sets or sequences is much easier using rebound balls and nets. You can repeat the same movements over and over without breaking your momentum to chase balls.

Portable rebound nets are also great for playing pickleball on a tennis court.

Rukket Tennis Practice Rebounder Net

This free-standing net measures 6 by 4 feet. The great thing about it is that the angle of the net can be changed in seconds using the pull system.

Not only does it make solo practice a breeze but you can also alternate sequences quickly. You can move from a backhand to an overhead shot without difficulty. The heavy-duty bungee rope used gives it an extra bounce.

Tourna Deluxe Rebound Net

This one is slightly bigger at 7ft by 9ft. The larger surface area of the rebound net is useful for beginners or young people who haven’t got the hang of tennis.

For the size of net you get, it is affordable and easy to store against a wall.

Flair Sports Pitchback Rebound Net


The heavy-duty, high-quality net, and bungee cords, and thick steel produce a good bounce-back that feels like playing with a partner. At 4ft by 7ft, it is somewhat on the narrow side. It folds in half to a very compact size for storage

Rapid-fire Mega Tennis Rebounder


Available in two sizes, small (5ft x 6ft) and Large (7ft x 8ft) this tennis ball net is a great fit for both adults and young players.

The frame is made of galvanized steel with a black powder finish which is weatherproof and rust-resistant. You don’t have to store it after every use and it can spend a few days out without damage.

The adjustable angle makes it great for solo practice of all the tennis shots in sequence.

Perfect Pitch Rebounder

The design is a little different from the others mentioned above. It has uses an arced sheet that collects the ball before bouncing it back instead of a fixed net.

The locking wheels make it the most portable option on the list.The curved design of the net means that this rebounder helps to train three very specific skills; point of contact, consistent swing speed, and early preparation.

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