How Much Does It Cost to Resurface A Tennis Court?

An asphalt or concrete tennis court will require resurfacing after some years. The responsibility does not stop at tennis court construction. Resurfacing, apart from returning the tennis court to peak condition, will also prevent further damage.

How much will tennis court resurfacing cost you? The short answer is anywhere between $4000 and $8000. Read on to find out why you could end up paying twice the base price.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost Breakdown

Repair Phase

Resurfacing a tennis court is a dual-phase process. The first step is to repair any cracks, fix drainage problems, remove moss and fungus as well as leveling the court.

The extent to which the above repairs are carried out can drive the price up by double, from $4000 for basic repair to $8000 for a more damaged court.

Although asphalt, concrete, and acrylic are highly durable, they will still suffer from wear and tear. The idea is to fix it early. Asphalt tends to soften and sink in certain parts causing drainage problems. Concrete develops cracks.


The next step is applying the numerous layers of acrylic paint using a squeegee. The paints help to seal any minor cracks left. A simple reapplication of paint can run up the total cost to $6000.

Adding Surface Cushioning Systems

You may not be comfortable playing on a hard court. Surface cushioning adds rubber particles to the court that absorb the stress from your joints while playing. This means shelling out another $1500 to $2000 to reinstall the surface cushioning system.

Additional Costs

Replacing Worn Out Accessories

The above are the basic steps taken when resurfacing. You might wish to take this opportunity to replace accessories that are worn out such as the net, fencing, windscreens, and benches. This part of the revamp could cost anywhere from $100 to $10000.

Cleaning, Mold, Moss, and Fungus Removal

If the tennis court has not been thoroughly cleaned in a while, this will be the first thing done that could cost up to $1000. It also includes the removal of moss or fungus that may be growing in the cracks on the tennis court.

Premium Colors and Adding Lines

Some premium colors such as tournament purple may put an additional $500 to $1000 increment on the final bill. The cost of resurfacing also goes up if you wish to add lines to the court to make it usable for other sports such as basketball.

Tennis Court Contractors

To ensure that the resurfacing job lasts the 3 to 5 year recommended period, look for experienced tennis court contractors in Georgia & South Carolina. They should use high-quality materials and leave a flawless finish that doesn’t show the repaired parts. Contact Talbot Tennis today for an expert tennis court resurfacing job.

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