Resurfacing Vs. Rebuilding: What To Do With Your Tennis Court

You already know how crucial maintenance is for your tennis court. Years of wear and tear can affect its performance and safety, so you should find ways to retain its great shape. People always ask whether they should resurface or rebuild. What is the difference between resurfacing vs. rebuilding your tennis court? What’s the best way to go? Read on.


Resurfacing is any form of maintenance where you repair the court without necessarily tearing down and reconstructing it entirely. This service includes applying a new layer on top to make it smoother and more playable. The lines can also be redrawn to make them more visible, which enhances the safety and playability of the amenity. You can also seal and repair any cracks in the process.

The best part about resurfacing is that it is more cost effective than rebuilding. People go for it because it is more budget-friendly and extends the court’s performance. It is also easier and quicker to complete, so you can return to using your courts in no time. A bonus is that you get a revamped court that looks brand new.


Unlike resurfacing, rebuilding a new tennis court means total replacement. The old surface is torn down so reconstruction can start on a clean slate. You get a new base layer and new surface material while the lines are redrawn. The advantage of rebuilding is that it is a more long-term solution, especially in terms of performance.

The tennis court will be more durable and able to handle heavy usage in the coming years. Additionally, with a new court comes the upside of allowing for customization. You can choose a different color scheme and material based on your needs and playing style.

Resurface Vs. Rebuild Your Tennis Court: How To Decide

While both decisions favor restoring your tennis court, they will ultimately narrow down to your budget, long-term goals, and how bad the damage is. You can easily deal with minor cosmetic issues by frequent resurfacing, but you will have to rebuild in matters of significant damage or if you need significant changes. This way, you are sure of long-term performance and better structural integrity.

Let Professional Contractors Advise You

Many factors come into play when deciding whether to rebuild or resurface your tennis court. The goal is to make sure it looks great and serves your needs. Contact Talbot Tennis for tennis court resurfacing and rebuilding in Georgia, as well as professional maintenance and installation.

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