Tennis Court Dividers: 6 Tips to Consider Before You Buy

Tennis court dividers are an essential part of any tennis court setup. They are used to separate courts, ensure players stay in their designated areas, and ensure the safety of all players on the court.

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There are many critical things to be considered when you shop for a tennis court divider. We will explain a few here.

1) Material

Here are some materials to consider for a tennis court divider:

Fabric –

Fabric is a popular choice for tennis court dividers because it’s lightweight and affordable. It also offers some privacy, although it won’t block out sound or sight from the outside.

Metal –

Metal dividers are more durable than fabric options but can be heavy. They are also more expensive than fabric and may require professional installation.

Polyethylene –

Polyethylene is a lightweight and durable material that’s popular for use in tennis court dividers. It offers good privacy and noise reduction but can be costly compared to other materials.

2) Style

When choosing a court divider, you should consider what style you want. Some courts are designed with straight lines, while others may have curved edges or beveled corners. It is essential to look at the aesthetics of your court and how the divider will fit in with it.

You may also want to think about if there are any other elements that you would like to incorporate with your court dividers, such as lights or fencing.

This could give the court a more finished look and provide additional privacy for those playing on the court.

3) Height

The height of the divider should also be taken into account. It should be high enough to block out sound and sight from outside while allowing players to move around freely on the court. Taller dividers may also offer more privacy for players as well.

4) Ease of Installation

Depending on the divider’s material and style, different installation levels may be required. If you are not confident installing it yourself, you should consider having a professional do it.

Doing this will ensure that the divider is installed correctly and securely, so it can last a long time.

5) Maintenance

Maintenance requirements are also something to think about when choosing a divider. Some materials require more upkeep than others, so you should ensure the material you choose can be maintained easily.

This will ensure the life of your tennis court divider and keep it looking great for years to come.

Some tips to keep your divider in good condition include:

a) Cleaning it regularly to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating.

b) Painting or staining the divider yearly to protect it from the elements.

c) Inspect the divider periodically for any cracks or damage.

6) Cost

The cost of a tennis court divider will depend on its material, size, and style. You should compare the costs of different options before deciding to ensure you get the best deal.

Check for additional costs associated with the installation or maintenance process.

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