The Benefits of a Rooftop Tennis Court—And Why Some Property Owners Prefer Them

When you think of rooftop tennis courts, what comes to mind? For some, it might be the iconic scene from The Royal Tenenbaums where Richie and Margot are playing doubles on an outdoor court. You might also picture luxury hotels with lavish amenities like the Four Seasons Hotel in Dallas that offers rooftop tennis courts. However, many homeowners are opting for this type of construction to add value to their property—and there are plenty of benefits!

The Benefits of a Rooftop Tennis Court

Adding a tennis court on top of a building may seem like a crazy idea. However, it makes a lot of sense to use an underutilized space like the roof. A tennis court on the roof will also add value to your home and make for interesting conversations whenever you entertain guests.

Why Some Property Owners Prefer Them

A rooftop tennis court will offer a beautiful view of the surroundings and a unique experience while playing one of your favorite sports. The views will be defined by what you have in the area, but the possibilities are endless skyscrapers, unique streets, or even the beach or mountains. You may be a bit worried about losing balls in the process of a heated match, but don’t worry there are nets and fences that your contractor can work into the design.

Aside from the unique experience, the rooftop court will also add a special flair to the look and feel of your home or building. This special feature is a luxurious addition that will make your property stand out from any others in the area!

In addition to your rooftop tennis court being fun and adding a unique flair, this seemingly over-the-top feature can also be very practical. In cases where space is limited such as apartment buildings, putting a tennis court on the roof conserves space for other amenities. It is also practical in cases where the ground below is not suitable for a tennis court such as in the case of marshy, wet, or otherwise unstable landscape.

We know that planning a tennis court on your property can be challenging, but we hope this article has helped you understand why it’s worth the effort. Contact Talbot Tennis to find out more about how tennis court construction on a rooftop allows our clients to enjoy their backyard without sacrificing lawn space or time with friends and family. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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