The Height of the Net in Tennis and Pickleball, Plus Other Differences Between These Games

Pickleball is a game that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It’s fun, easy to play, and great for people who can’t cover a tennis court on their own. While it is often played on tennis courts, tennis and pickleball are two very different games! One of the biggest differences between tennis and pickleball can be seen in how high up on the net you need to hit your shots. This blog post will discuss how both tennis and pickleball use different heights for their nets and other ways these sports differ.

How High Is a Pickleball Net?

The standard height for pickleball nets is set by the USAPA. This is the governing body for the sport. They state that the net should be three feet high at the edges, with a height of 34 inches in the middle. This gives it an easier clearance when compared to tennis.

How High Is a Tennis Net?

The standard height for a tennis court net is 42 inches. In the middle, this is reduced to 36 inches to accommodate sag. This is just a difference of a few inches. However, this makes a big difference for players and is much of the reason why pickleball is an easier sport to play.

What Are Some Other Ways Pickleball and Tennis Differ?

Beyond just the pickleball net vs. the tennis net, there are other differences between these sports. These include:

  • Tennis has faster gameplay than pickleball, with points typically lasting less than 30 seconds. By contrast, points in this game can last up to five minutes. Also, tennis balls are smaller compared to those used for pickleball.
  • Tennis requires a specialized court specifically for the game, while pickleball courts can be any sized tennis court with the net moved to the appropriate height.
  • Tennis is played with a tennis racket, while pickleball is played with a paddle.

These are just some of the many differences between tennis and pickleball! If you’re looking for another exciting game to play that’s similar to tennis but easier on your body, consider tennis court construction that includes pickleball courts within it. Here at Talbot Tennis, we excel at making the dimensions of a tennis court work for multiple sports. Schedule a consultation today so we can make the right plan for your facility.

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