These Are The Biggest Tennis Court Problems You’ll Face

Tennis courts put up with a lot of wear and tear. While they provide an excellent place for the community to gather for fun and games, they also come with their fair share of problems.

If you manage your own tennis court, then it’s important to understand what kind of issues can arise. That way you can take the proper measures to resolve them, get tennis court repair, and potentially replace the court surface.

So in this article, let’s talk about some common tennis court problems you’re likely to encounter.

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Common Tennis Court Issues

Here are the most common types of tennis court problems:

Algae, Mildew, Or Mold Growth

These can affect the shoes of the players and the tennis surface itself. It can cause injury from slipping.

Additionally, these can cause pneumonia and other respiratory problems. You should use a cleaning solution to get these cleaned.

Bird Baths

The puddle of water on the tennis court is also called a bird bath. This is caused by poor paving and resurfacing.

Contact a resurfacing company for your tennis court today if that’s an issue.


These are also referred to as blisters. These are soft bumps on the tennis court surface that cause bad drainage. They’re usually seen on concrete surfaces.

Rust Spots

Pyrites cause rust spots on asphalt. If they get wet, that’s when the corrosion begins and it starts to spread even to the acrylic surfaces of your tennis court.


This is a low spot on the tennis court. This is if the earth below has not been compacted enough.

Hairline Crack

A very narrow crack or hairline crack can happen on a tennis court over time. Eventually it can grow larger and cause bigger issues that need to be repaired.

Color Fading

You may need to have your court colored again with resurfacing surfaces. Over time it will eventually fade.

Say Goodbye To Tennis Court Problems

If you need tennis court repair, then look no further than Talbot Tennis. Our crews have enhanced thousands of tennis courts with resurfacing and surfacing.

For decades, we use the best materials available and the same coatings that the US Open uses. We can repair cracks, change court colors, and ultimately ensure that your tennis court lasts as long as possible. So reach out today and learn more.

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