What Materials Are Used to Make Tennis Courts?

Tennis is a game that many people like to play. Even more, many people like to play tennis on their own court in their backyard! Now, there are different types of courts out there for you to choose from. Which one should you pick? A hardcourt? A clay court? Grass court? Let’s talk about these different tennis court surfaces and what they’re made up of.

The Layers of a Tennis Court

There isn’t just one material that goes into a tennis court. This is because all tennis courts are made up of layers. So, what are the layers that go into a tennis court?

The first layer is the wearing surface. This can be made out of different materials, but it’s usually a hard material like concrete or asphalt. The next layer is the regulating base. This helps to regulate the speed of the ball and keep it consistent no matter where on the court you are playing.

The foundation is next, and this is what gives the tennis court its shape. Finally, we have the formation, which consists of soil and other materials that help to hold everything together.

Different Types of Tennis Courts

Now that we know about all of the layers in a tennis court, let’s talk about some specific types of tennis courts and what they’re made of. There are four main types: hardcourt, clay court, grass court, and asphalt court.

Hardcourts are what you’re probably most familiar with. They are made of asphalt and concrete, which means they can get really hot in the summertime!

A clay court is a bit different because this type of surface has dirt instead of stone or concrete-like hardcourts do.

Grass courts differ from these two again because the grass isn’t used on this kind of tennis court; it’s actually more like an outdoor lawn than anything else.

Which Tennis Court Materials Are Best?

So, which court is the best? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for! But if we had to choose a favorite out of the different types of courts, we would have to pick grass courts. They are soft and forgiving so even if your shots aren’t perfect, they’ll still go pretty far. Plus, they look great too because they have that lush green color going on!

Now that you know about some materials used to make tennis courts, let us know what type you chose and why! Contact the tennis court contractors at Talbot Tennis to get started with your tennis court project.

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