Georgia's Leader in Tennis Court Construction

Court Construction

Talbot Tennis will provide you with a complete, turn-key solution for constructing the tennis court of your dreams. We offer our clients a single point of contact during the construction phase to ensure proper coordination of activities and eliminate any "finger pointing". Talbot Tennis has been building courts for over thirty five years and our experience and expertise enable us to offer the longest warranties in the business. We also have 1 of approximately 60 nationwide certified tennis court builders on staff. The certified tennis court designation represents the highest standards of excellence and knowledge in the industry and requires a rigorous exam, experience and recertification on a tri-annual basis. Please visit the website for more information.

Talbot Tennis also constructs post tension concrete tennis courts, which tend to have double the life span (up to fifty years) of an asphalt court coupled with minimal cracking.

Permaflex Overlay

Provide a layer of permaflex asphalt and a topping asphalt over the court - recommended for courts with good sub-bases and minimal structural cracking. If considering this method, we recommend that an engineering firm be hired to test the feasibility of the approach along with obtaining a detailed report of the existing sub-base conditions.

Total Reconstruction

Removes entire existing court, either through milling or hauling asphalt to a recycling center. This approach is recommended for courts with depressed areas, structural cracking and other sub-base issues. A total reconstruction is the only method where this is no chance for a reflective crack to return.