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Hilton Head, South Carolina is known for its stunning vistas, beautiful beaches, and luxury properties—especially its golf courses. But there is another sport that is beloved in Hilton Head.

Whether weekending in Hilton Head or living there full time, tennis court construction is essential for your property. No matter if you have a home court, country club, or training facility, you want your playing field to be top-notch.
Talbot Tennis offers Hilton Head tennis court repair, resurfacing, design, and construction that will up your game and enhance your property. We are tennis court builders with decades of experience, allowing us to understand the nuances of tennis court surfacing, refurbishment, and restoration. No matter the type of court surface you desire, or the logos and colors you wish to incorporate, we are the tennis court contractors to work with.

Our team works directly with you in the planning and design stages, ensuring our plans match your unique vision and fit within your budget. Then, we get to work, installing or repairing your court, offering turnkey service requiring no effort from you.
Our incredible workmanship is on display throughout South Carolina, and Hilton Head, in particular, meaning you’ve likely already enjoyed playing on one of our professional-level tennis courts. When you partner with our technicians, you receive reliable, trustworthy service that aims to make your home or facility the best it can be.

Remember : There is only so much coaching and practice can do without a top-notch court to play on. Whether you need tennis court crack repair, resurfacing, or a new court constructed, Talbot Tennis is your Hilton Head court contactor.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Court Construction in Hilton Head, South Carolina

This will depend on the exact materials you wish to use, the current condition of the court, and any design goals you have for the project. Our tennis court builders always create a detailed and transparent estimate before signing contracts, ensuring you understand where your money is going.

There is no one color that is best. In most cases, the ideal color is whatever enhances the look of your home, training facility, or country club. We like for the court to have a nice contrast with its surroundings, making it easier to see the bounds while also enhancing the overall look of the space.

We suggest orienting the court to face as close to perfectly north-south as possible. This is because the sun moves from east to west, and orienting the court in this direction could cause players difficulty when the sun is in their eyes. Indoor courts can be oriented in any direction.

Singles courts and doubles courts have different dimensions, and some facilities also craft smaller courts for young children to learn on. Both singles and doubles courts are 78ft in length. Singles courts are 27ft wide, while doubles courts are 36ft in width.

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