Height Of A Tennis Net 101

Tennis is one of the most common American pastimes. It’s great for cardio, blood flow, and socialization. That being said, a lot of people end up wondering what the height of a tennis net actually is.

After all, most people are not expert tennis court builders like Talbot Tennis. So in this blog post, let’s explore the answer to the question “What is the height of a tennis court net?” That way you can ensure the correct installation for your tennis needs.

Tennis Nets And Heights

Tennis is a game of inches. For the most seasoned pros to beginners just playing for enjoyment, the right tennis height is crucial.

And currently, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has set the proper height of a tennis net at 106.5 centimeters or 42 inches at the posts and a height of 91.5 centimeters or 36 inches in the center.

If you don’t have the right tennis net height, it can throw off all the players involved. Just like a basketball rim, if you’re used to playing on a 10 foot goal and someone installs a 9 foot goal, your shot mechanics will be significantly neutered.

That’s why you can’t simply install a net for any kind of tennis or paddle sport. So read this blog post to learn more about heights for paddle ball nets, if that’s what your court will be used for.

The Reason Behind The Official Tennis Court Net Height For Singles

So, what is the height of a tennis net? Or in other words, what is the height of a lawn tennis net, clay net, or other primary playing court?

Well, tennis nets have two net posts, a metal cord, a white strap, and a white band. The tennis net should be attached to the two posts with a height of 42 inches. In the center of the tennis court, the net should only be 36 inches tall.

However, the net will have a strap attached to the center of the court. The strap should be no larger than 2 inches and should be the color white. A band anchored into the ground pulls the net down in the middle.

The net has to completely fill up the space between the two poles on either end. Additionally, nets must be tightly knit so that the ball cannot go through during play.

The Reason For Lower Heights In The Middle Of Tennis Nets

The tension required to keep a net completely straight is simply not high enough thanks to the low height of the poles on either side. This also creates unique competitive advantages and disadvantages.

To use basketball is another example, A corner three shot is the closest distance to the net. Similarly to tennis, hitting the ball over the middle of the net means that it has to travel the least amount of distance.

What Height Should A Tennis Net Be For Doubles?

The tennis net height varies when you’re playing doubles compared to singles. That’s because the width of a singles court is 324 inches. A doubles court is 432 inches wide. Therefore, the center post for doubles tennis nets needs to be 36 inches outside of the court on either side.

The net has to be supported by two single sticks. Each stick must be 42 inches high. The sticks and net posts shouldn’t be any bigger than either 6 or 3 inches, relatively. And neither should stick up more than an inch above the top of your net court.


Tennis net heights can vary. But don’t worry. From construction to resurfacing to tennis court net installations, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Reach out to Talbot Tennis and learn why we are the leaders for South Carolina tennis court construction.

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