How to Fix a Pickleball Paddle Edge Guard

Pickleball paddles are not cheap, which means you want to make sure they last as long as possible. One of the most common issues to encounter is the pickleball paddle edge guard lifting, coming loose, or even falling off.

This guard is an important part of the tool, designed to protect the paddle and keep everything together. Once it is damaged or missing, the layers of the paddle will start to separate and the entire item will need to be replaced. The only exception is if you have a unibody paddle, though you still want the edges to look nice.

This means you need to know how to fix the paddle guard. So, what does this involve?

Step One: Eliminate the Existing Glue


The edge of your pickleball paddle was held on by glue. To get a good hold with the new glue you apply, the old adhesive must go. In most cases, you can remove this using rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. If you try this and it doesn’t work, look for a product like Goo Gone.

Step Two: Apply New Glue


Make sure the paddle is fully dry from whatever method you use to eliminate the old glue. Then, apply the glue of your choice. Be careful to apply the glue in small beads. Overapplying the glue will prevent it from drying correctly and lead to further damage to the paddle guard.

Step Three: Hold the Layers Together as the Glue Dries


You will need to hold the paddle and the guard together while your glue dries. Keep in mind that different types of glue will take longer to dry than others. While super glue and similar adhesives will dry in minutes, others need 72 hours to cure. Glues that take longer to dry will typically deliver better results, so do a little research. To hold the paddle together, you can use rubber bands.

Step Four: Prevent Future Damage


You want the edge of your pickleball paddle to hold up for as long as possible after your repair. Take care to keep it out of extreme heat, so don’t leave it in your car. You should also protect it from animals that might chew on it, so keep it in its bag and away from dogs and cats.

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