The Various Benefits Of Tennis Windscreens

Tennis windscreens are an important part of any tennis player’s gear. That goes for tennis court managers as well. So in this article, let’s talk about the advantages of tennis windscreens.

The Importance Of Tennis Windscreens

Here are several reasons for tennis windscreens:

Tennis windscreens can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons:


A windscreen looks nice and sharp on any kind of playing surface. Looks matter when it comes to public courts.


It provides additional privacy from surrounding areas. A lot of parks or courts are located in areas where there are a lot of other pedestrians nearby. A little bit of visible walling can go a long way.


Obviously the better windscreens that you have, the more playable the court will be. If it’s outdoors, this prevents wind from affecting the trajectory of the ball. The result is that it leads to greater enjoyment for the players.

Reduce The Gusts And Breeze

Windscreens can reduce airflow, which minimizes the impact the wind can have on a ball, especially during a shot.

Uniform Background

Players need a consistent background in terms of the aesthetics surrounding the court. This allows them to perform at a higher level. So having a uniform dark background can increase the visibility of a bright colored ball.

Minimize Distractions

Tennis players can also focus on the court itself, rather than having their eye caught by distractions surrounding the playing area.

Choosing A Tennis Windscreen

There are various options you can choose from when it comes to a tennis windscreen. For instance, opacity, you can choose from high or low opacity. The range will typically be between 75 and 100%.

The investment cost is another factor. Reach out to Talbot Tennis to learn about different prices for tennis windscreens.

You don’t want to overpay. At the same time, you don’t want to spend less than you should and end up with a windscreen that doesn’t actually serve your needs.

Measurements are also crucial. Ensure that your windscreen fits the court properly. A 9 foot height is usually preferred for complete privacy.

Get Tennis Windscreens Today

The best tennis court builders are Talbot Tennis. We have several years of experience helping you build the perfect tennis court for all of your patrons.

So whether you need windscreens, posts, or anything else to improve the tennis court’s quality of play, we can help. Reach out to tennis court contractors in south Carolina today for a free consultation — we’ll help you know how to choose the right windscreen and other aspects of your court.

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