Comparing Pickleball Nets And Tennis Nets

Before hitting the court for tennis or pickleball, you need to understand the difference between these two popular sports. They may sound similar. However, they have a lot of differences.

So keep reading, and in this article we will break down the key distinctions between pickleball nets vs. tennis nets. That way, you can play safely, quickly, and with peace of mind.

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Pickleball Nets Versus Tennis Nets

Net Dimensions And Height

The US Pickleball Association says that a net should be 36 inches in terms of height at the sidelines. In the center it should be 34 inches. A lot of posts will have a 36 inch height marked out so players can check that it’s accurate.

This difference between the center and sides allows for middle shots to be more effective. In tennis, on the other hand, it’s 36 inches instead of 34 in the middle.

Those two inches can make a big difference when you’re talking about shots down the middle. So if you’re picking up pickleball after having played tennis for a while, you’ll probably notice a fairly big difference.

The net needs to be 21 feet and 9 inches wide in pickleball. It needs to be 33 feet wide and 42 feet wide for doubles in tennis.

The Net Composition And Setup Posts

Tennis posts are larger than pickleball posts. You might even need double posts to ensure the net is secured. Pickleball nets are typically lighter and more portable so you can travel and play easier.


A tennis ball is faster and smaller than a pickleball. Tennis ball’s weave needs to be smaller so that the tennis ball can’t pass through.

Pickleball nets will have a larger weave and it’s looser because the ball is lower and larger.

Mixing Up Courts For Different Sports

It’s common to use a tennis court to play pickleball. That’s because obviously tennis courts are much more common than pickleball courts so people make do with what they have.

That being said, if you have the opportunity, you should get the right net and post setup for pickleball for safety and fun.

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That way, you and whoever else will be playing on the surface can stay safe, healthy, and fit for a long time to come. So give us a call today, and let’s get started.

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